Vegas 24×30 Foamboard Signs

Vegas 24×30 foam board signs are great for business presentation displays and events. So these foam boards can be placed on top of tables or on easels for displaying. They are large enough to contain a great amount of information. Also they can be seen from far away. Because of their size. Foam board signs are not expensive and after the presentation is over. The signs can simply be tossed away into the trash. Foam core board signs will impress your clients. Also you can have these signs laminated in matte or gloss laminate.

Gloss laminate allows for a shiny finish. The matte laminate is more dull but does not reflect lighting. Photographers usually prefer the matte laminate for display purposes.

Vegas 24x30 Foamboard Signs
Vegas Foamboard Signs

Las Vegas 24×30 Foamboard Signs are great for conventions and Trade Shows.

There are hundreds of conventions and trade shows annually in Las Vegas. These events bring thousands of vendors and companies to display off the newest products and services. Foam board signs is a great way to market to the people attending the shows. So many companies will simply have their foam board printing completed in Vegas. So as to save money on shipping and downplay the risk of damaged goods. Also very often the shipping companies do not always get the signs and banners delivered in time.

Many companies displaying at the convention venues rely upon Las Vegas sign companies to make their signs. The signs can either be picked up or delivered. Uber or Lyft does a very inexpensive delivery service. Especially if your sign shop is located near or adjacent to the convention venues. Las Vegas Large Banners is less than 1 mile from the fabulous Las Vegas strip. The heart and soul of Vegas. Other sign shops like Posterhead Signs are located near the event venues as well.

Contact a local sign shop for more details on foam board printing.

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