Las Vegas Foam Core Board Signs

Foam Core Board Signs are very popular at the numerous events and shows in Las Vegas. These temporary signs are lightweight. Also they are quite adaptable. They can be hung from the ceilings without fear of hurting someone. There low cost makes them very attractable. Many people displaying at the conventions will use these signs for one event. At the end of the event, they throw them away and go back home or to the next show.

Las Vegas Foam Core Board Signs
Las Vegas Foam Board Signs

What are Foam Core Board Signs ?

Foam boards are made of foam with a paper exterior that allows for printing. Generally the y come in two different sizes. The 3/16ths thick foam board. Also the 1/2″ thick foam board. They also come in a 1″ thick board that casinos like to use for marketing props. These posterboard foam signs can be printed in full color. Also, they can have logos and background scenes printed on them.

Foam board signs can be custom printed any size. While there are standard sizes like 20″ x 30′ ans 24″ x 36″. These foam boards can be printed in any size to accommodate your marketing needs. The foam board sheets come from the factory in 4ft x 8ft sizes. The foam board material used is just cut from large piece. So the largest possible one piece posterboard is 48″ x 96″ . However, you can print multiple boards and assemble them next to each other to form one large print.

Vendors and companies like printing foam core board sign in Vegas. Because they are fragile and will often get damaged in transport. Also by having the signs printed locally, they save on shipping. The prices for foam board printing is cheap in Vegas. Because of the amount of competition for your business. Contact a local Vegas Foam Board Sign Printing Shop today and get a free quote.

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