Vegas Big Check Foamboard Signs

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Vegas big check foamboard signs can get you those large presentation checks for your event. As seen on television shows and on the news. So these large foam board checks are usually 2ft tall x 4ft wide and can be seen from far away. People stand behind the check signs as pictures are taken. The poster board signs are usually 3/16ths thick and can be printed in any color or combination of colors.

The checks are usually presented to people in large amounts. So as to advertise the amount and the company giving the check away. Las Vegas area casinos like to use these large check signs for payouts of large jackpots on slot machines. As you walk into casinos many times they will have pictures of large check presentations on the walls to impress you. Television shows will also use this type of marketing scheme for their viewers at home. It is a great way to self promote.

Vegas Big Check Foamboard Signs
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How Are Vegas Big Check Foamboard Signs Made ?

Large foam core check signs are generally made with a 3/16th foam board. The foam board is either printed directly on or a vinyl application is applied to the foam board. The print is then laminated to help stop scuffing and scratches of the foam board sign. So a matte laminate is usually applied to the big check sign. This allows for a dull appearance of the check but it helps protect the check against light reflections. A gloss laminate makes the big foamboard check glossy and shinny. However it reflects light and is hard to take pictures.


Large foam board signs can be custom made to any size you like. The foam core signs are full color signs. So that means you can have as many colors or combination of colors on the signs as you like. Also the checks can have logos and pictures printed on them as well. Your local Las Vegas sign store will have additional information on these popular signs. Delivery of your poster board signage can be arranged to your event or hotel,