Vegas 36×72 Foam Board Sign

Vegas trade show sign displays

Vegas 36×72 foam board sign is available in Las Vegas. Every year there are hundreds of events and conventions held in Las Vegas. These conventions can be quite large. So as a result, Las Vegas has built three very large convention venues to handle these big events. As a result, Las Vegas has become the king of trade shows and conventions in the united States. Many vinyl banners, pop up display signs and foam board signs are needed for these events.

Foam board printing allows for poster board signs to be made in many different sizes. But some of the more common foam board sizes are:

  1. 18×24 Foam Board Sign
  2. 20×30 foam board sign
  3. 24×36 foam board sign
  4. 36×48 foam board sign

Foam board signs come in different thicknesses. The most common poster board sign thickness is the 3/16ths. This lightweight foam board sign is perfect for short term use at a convention. The foam board printing can be performed in full color. Meaning you can print many colors on your foam board sign. So this also includes the foam board printing of images and pictures on your signs. But using vibrant colors and clear and sharp pictures increases the chances of people noticing your signs.

Vegas 36x72 Foam Board Sign
Vegas Foam Core Board Signs

Vegas 36×72 Foam Board Sign Can Be Printed and Made Fast.

Many sign shops have the capacity to do foam core board printing fast and cheap. When I write cheap, I mean inexpensively. So all foam boards are a full color print. So then they are laminated with a gloss or matte laminate to help protect your sign. The gloss laminate brings out the colors of your print. While the matte laminate dulls out the print. But does not reflect lighting.


Foam board signs are available in Las Vegas at very good pricing. Many sizes and different thickness foam boards can be used to assist you.