Vegas 20ft Backdrop Display Banners

Vegas 8ft popup display signs

Vegas 20ft backdrop display banners are great for the back of tradeshow booths. Theses large signs fit in the back of your tradeshow booth and make great advertising. The companies or vendors will place pictures of their product lines on these banners. They will add in their company name and logo and let every body easily see what they are promoting. The pictures on the trade show backdrop displays entice people to stop and inquire about your products. This gives you the opportunity to speak with potential customers.

The backdrop booth display signs come in many different types. You can simply have a 20 foot banner made and then use a pipe and drape type system to display it. Or you can purchase a 20ft trade show backdrop display package that has everything you need. The kit comes with a full color fabric banner, hardware and carrying case. The carrying case allows you to walk into a convention venues and set up the backdrop sign by yourself. It would take about 10 minutes for two people to set up. So this way you do not have to hire union labor that is expensive and time consuming. It allows for a lot of convenience.

Vegas 20ft backdrop display banners
Vegas 20ft backdrop display banners

Vegas 20ft Backdrop Display Banners Can Be Used At Many Different Events

The beauty of the 20ft backdrop signs is that the fabric banners can be cleaned after every use at an event. So the next time they look fresh and new. Also, if you decide to change out your display, you can simply just buy another 20ft fabric banner at a much lower price than a whole kit. The same is true for the 8ft trade show backdrop displays and the 10ft backdrop displays.


So contact your local sign company in Vegas for more information on these backdrop banners. The sign shops can also help you with many more types of signs and banners for your event. Delivering your backdrop displays to your event venue can be arranged. Along with assistance in setting the signs up.