Las Vegas Step and Repeat Banners For Displays

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Las Vegas step and repeat banners are very popular background banners. When having an event. Step and repeat banners are basically backdrops to show a logo, pictures or text in the background. As a result, people stand in front of the step and repeat banner. So that the logo, text, or pictures are always prominent and easily seen in the background.

Why is Las Vegas Step and Repeat Banners So Popular ?

Las Vegas step and repeat banners are very popular with sponsors. Because they allow the sponsors message or logo to be seen while being photographed or on television. So, it is sort of like a free commercial that allows for thousands, if not millions of people to see your companies advertisement. In addition, its a inexpensive way to advertise

Step and repeat banners are very popular at the “Oscars “, concerts, movie premieres and night clubs. In addition to other high profile events. When a sponsor of the event is paying thousands. If not more, to put on the event and want some return on investment.

Let’s take the example of a football press conference when the football  coach is talking about the football game and the ups and downs in the game.  The television crews have their cameras focused on the coach and in the background, from whatever angle the cameras are showing the coach, the sponsor ” Gatorade” can be seen in the background.  Thousands of people are now seeing the advertisement of “Gatorade” and the sponsor hopefully wants everyone to purchase Gatorade.

Step and Repeat banners are usually printed on a 13 ounce matte banner material and then hung in the background .  The vinyl material or fabric step and repeat banner material has to be matte since a glossy background will cause reflections of lights and will distort the image or text or you can get a reflection in the flash of a camera. The step and repeat banners can be various sizes depending upon how many people you intend to put in front of the background banner. Your local step and repeat banner store will have more information.