Vegas 18×24 Poster Board Sign

Trade show banner stand sign printing

Vegas 18×24 poster board sign is available in Las Vegas. Many poster board signs are needed for events and trade shows. These poster signs are lightweight and make for great temporary signage. The vendors and companies will place these foam board signs on their tables or on easels for display.

The 18×24 foam board signs can be printed with multiple colors. So you can print as many colors on your signs as you like. So this also includes the printing of pictures and images on your signs. The foam board signs are cheap enough to print for one event and then simply throw them away after the event is over.

The poster board signs can be printed in many different sizes to meet your display needs. The 20×30 poster board signs, 24×36 poster board signs and 36×48 poster board signs are the most common sizes. The sign shops will use a 3/16ths foam board to print. But the poster boards also come in 1/2″ thickness and 1″ thickness. They will use the thicker poster boards as stand up signs. A 36×72 poster board sign will be made in 1/2″ thickness and use spider legs to stand straight up. So it will look like a banner stand sign.

Vegas 18x24 Poster Board Sign
18×24 Foam Board Signs

Your Vegas 18×24 Poster Board Sign Can Be Made Fast

Your poster board signs can be printed very quickly and at a low price. las Vegas sign shops near the convention venues cater to the trade shows and conventions. so as a result, they have new modern sign printing machines capable of printing signs very quickly. But at very high quality. The new inks being used are great for indoor use and outdoor use. The inks are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly.


The sign shops near the event venues will be able to print your signs and banners quickly and at a low cost. Fast pick up is easy because they are close to the venues. Delivery of your signs can also be arranged.