Vegas 16×20 Foamboard Signs

Foamboard sign printing

Vegas 16×20 foamboard signs are popular for business meetings and conventions. These small but powerful poster board signs are large enough to contain a lot of information. So most of the time the foam board signs are used once or twice for presentations and then tossed away. The poster board signs are considered temporary signage. However they look very professional. Business people place these foam core board signs on easels and display them at presentations with great success. They act as visual reinforcement of what the speaker is presenting. The conventions use them as sign displays to express their product information.

Vegas 16x20 Foamboard Signs
Vegas Foam board Signs

Las Vegas 16×20 Foamboard Signs Are Used At Conventions & Trade Shows

Poster board printing is very popular at the many events and shows in Las Vegas. Hundreds of events and shows occur annually in Vegas that attract the biggest and best companies and vendors. These events bring millions of people from around the world to Vegas. So these popular events need signs and banners. Which is why there are so many sign stores in Vegas offering you the very best sign and banner pricing. There is much competition for your business and the highest quality with best pricing goes to the winner.

State of the art sign printers do most of the work. These expensive printers can print high quality signs very quickly. The inks used are environmentally friendly. Also these ecologically friendly inks can be used both indoors and outdoors. The inks last a long time. Even in the hot summer months that Las Vegas has. The fast speeds of sign printing have actually made the cost of making sign making go down.


Foam board signs come in many different sizes. Contact your local Vegas sign company about foam board sign printing and let them know what size you need. So the foam board can be laminated with a matte or gloss laminate to help protect it against scuffing and minor damage.

Delivery can be arranged to the convention venues or your hotel. So just ask your local sign company about it.