Trade Show Fabric Tension Pop Up Displays

Trade show banner stand sign printing

Trade Show fabric tension pop up displays are the new graphic display vendors are using at trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas. At any event at the Las Vegas Convention Center ( LVCC ). Trade show fabric tension signs are there helping to promote a business or event. So these portable displays can be set up anywhere there is room and only take about 15 minutes to set up. Best of all, you can walk into a convention center with them. ( they come with a carrying case.) So no expensive union workers are necessary which can be costly and tine consuming. These fabric tension pop up signs can be found at many sign stores in Las Vegas.

Trade Show Fabric Tension Pop Up Displays
Pop Up Display Signs

Trade Show Fabric Tension Pop Up Displays Come In Many Sizes

Las Vegas pop up displays come in many different sizes. There is the 6ft wide backdrop displays, the 8ft backdrop displays come in a straight, wave or “S” shaped design. And the 10ft pop up display sign comes in straight, curved or “S” shape. All these trade show pop up signs come with a carrying bag for easy transportation and full color fabric wrinkle free polyester print. Also with instructions for easy set up. The polyester print fits over a structure and stretches to be wrinkle free. Transporting the convention signs is easy with the carrying bag. You do not need union labor to carry it into the venue and for union laborers to set it up. So thus saving you huge labor costs.


Many vendors and businesses choose to have the pop up displays made in Las Vegas. So having them picked up or delivered to the venues in order to avoid lost merchandise during the shipping process. ( which happens more frequently than expected). By having the graphics and signs made in Las Vegas. So you can count on the pop up displays being ready for easy pick up and ready to go.

Many of the trade show sign shops are located near the event venues. Allowing for a smooth process.