Low Priced Foam Board Signs Vegas

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Low priced foam board signs Vegas are a blessing for companies displaying at one of the many events and shows in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the convention capital of the United States. More conventions and trade shows take place in Las Vegas than any other destination in the US. Millions of people flock annually to Southern Nevada to participate in these vents. So the biggest businesses in the world display their product lines and ideas at these events. It is a great opportunity for common businesses to mingle and engage with the public.

One of the more popular convention signs is the foam board signs, also known as foam core signs. The foam signage is made with foam with a outer paper shell that allows for printing. So you can print your marketing message or information on the foam board signs. The foam core signs can be single sided or double sided. The paper coating on the foam board allows for a full color print. Meaning you can have many colors and images printed on the signs.

Low priced foam board signs Vegas
Poster board signs Vegas

Low Priced Foam Board Signs Vegas Come In Many Sizes To Meet Your Marketing Needs.

The poster board signs come in many different sizes. Some of the more popular sizes is the 18×24 poster board sign, 20×30 poster board signs and the 24×36 foam board sign. The foam board sign printing can be performed quickly and at a low price. So this makes them a very popular sign graphic at the conventions. Because usually the poster foam signs are used for an event and then simply discarded afterwards.


Because of the fragility, Vegas foam core signs are preferred to be made in Las Vegas. So not only does this save money on expensive shipping, The signs can be delivered to your event venue along with your other convention signs.