Las Vegas Poster Board Signs

Trade show signs Vegas

Las Vegas poster board signs are a favorite at the trade shows and conventions held in Las Vegas. The vendors and companies displaying at these events love these temporary professional looking signs. Foam board signs are considered temporary signage because they are made with a foam substrate. This poster board is subject to weather conditions and will warp in humidity and hot weather. However, they work great for a week or so while being displayed at the events and shows. These foam board signs are made in many different sizes.

Poster board signs are generally made with 3/16ths thick foam board. The poster signs are full color. So this means you can print as many colors on the sign as you want. This also includes pictures and images. The foam core board sign is then laminated with a matte or glossy lamination. Matte lamination dulls out the print a little but does not allow for the reflection of light. So this is important if your signs are going to be photographed. The gloss lamination allows for a shiny appearance that looks very professional.

Poster foam board signs can also be made with a thicker foam board. These large foam board signs can be 3×6 foam board signs or 4×8 foam board signs. The casinos will use foam board signs that stand straight up and place them inside their casinos. The 1/2″ thick foam sign is held up with a sign stand. The foam boards re light weight so if they get knocked over. Nobody will get hurt. They are sort of used like a banner stand.

Las Vegas poster board signs
Las Vegas Foam board signs

Las Vegas Poster Board Signs Can Be Made Quickly

Vegas is host to many events and shows. Many signs and banners are needed for these events. So sign shops have modern printers capable of printing signs and banners fast. Same day poster signs Vegas are also possible.


Delivery of your poster board signage is possible to your event venue. So just ask your poster board sign printing company for more information.