Las Vegas Cheap Foam Board Signs

Cheap banner signs Las Vegas

Cheap foam board signs are great for the many conventions and trade shows at the various Vegas venues. These events bring hundreds of vendors and companies to Las Vegas to display the newest products and gadgetry. So many banner stands and signs are needed at these events to help market products. Foam board signage is just one of the many different types of signs that are popular. So foam board signage makes for great professional looking signs that are lightweight and impressive looking. These foam core signs are easy to set up for display and offer many set up options.

Cheap Foam Board Signs
Foam Board Signs

Cheap Foam Board Signs Come in Many Sizes

Foam board signs can be printed and made in just about any size. The blank foam board sheets come in 4ft x 8ft. So as long as the sign is not bigger than that it can be made. The standard thickness of a foam board signage is 3/16ths thick. But the foam board also comes in sizes of 1/2″ thick and 1″ thick. Generally the casinos will use one inch foam board for a large print that they use spider leg stands on to keep it upright. The casinos like the lightweight foam board signage. So that it cannot cause injury. Or reduced injury. Because the foam board is lightweight.

The most common size foam boards are 16″ x 20″ foam board signs and 20″ x 30″ foam board sign. The foam board is usually laminated with a gloss or matte lamination. The gloss lamination gives it a shiny appearance. So the matte lamination dulls out the print a little but does not reflect light. Photographers like the matte lamination while many companies prefer a glossy appearance.

Using vibrant and bold colors on your signs will get them noticed. Especially when you have many competitors booths all around you at a trade show. The vibrant colors will get the attendees attention.

Your local Las Vegas foam board sign shop can answer more questions about these terrific low cost signs. The signs can be made very fast and be delivered or picked up locally from a Vegas sign shop.