Large Foam Board Signs Vegas

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Large foam board signs Vegas are great for events and shows. These big foam board signs are usually 3ft x 6ft foam board signs or 4ft x 8ft foam board signs. While the traditional foam board sign is usually is made with 3/16th foam board, the larger stand up foam boards are generally 1/2″ thick. So this gives the foam board rigidity and spider legs are used to hold the sign upright. The vendors and companies display their products at the trade shows and conventions. Will place these tradeshow foam board signs at the front of their display booth. So they sort of use them as a banner stand to display product information.

The convention foam core board signs are full color prints. So this means you can print as many colors on the foam board signs as you like. So images, pictures and logos can be printed as well. The foam core board signs are generally laminated to help protect the print. But many times the businesses and vendors prefer no laminate. Matte laminate or glossy laminate are the types of laminate generally offered for protection of the foam board sign print.

Large foam board signs Vegas
Large foamboard signs Vegas

Large Foam Board Signs Vegas Are Used At Casinos

The Las Vegas casinos like to use these large foam core signs. So they will place these large foam boards on the casino floor and use them to direct people around the casino. The foam boards are light weight which is important. So this way if they get knocked over they do not hurt anybody. The casinos will use 3×6 foam board signs and 4×8 foam board signs with stands to hold them straight up. So many other sizes are available as well. Foam board signage is also used by local business people during conference presentations. They will place these conference foam board signs on easels for display during there presentation.


Your local Vegas sign company will have lots more information on these great light weight signs. Give them a call today. Arranging for delivery of your poster board signs to an even venue is not a problem. So just ask your local foam board sign printing company for additional information.