Foam Board Signs Printing

Las Vegas foam signage

Foam Board Signs printing keep the sign shops busy in Las Vegas. These foam board signs are a very popular form of signage used at the Vegas convention venues. The vendors and companies coming into Las Vegas for these events like the affordability and light weight signs. These foam core signs are placed on table tops and easels. The large foam board signs, 36×72 poster board signs or 48×96 poster board signs are used attached to walls. These large foam core signs can also be used as stand up signs. So they act sort of like a stand up banner stands. But instead of retracting inside of a metal cannister, they have legs that keep them upright.

A foam core board sign is a a foam substrate that has a outer paper shell that allows for printing. The paper shell is on both sides of the foam board. This allows for a single sided sign or a double sided sign.

The foam core board printing allows for a full color sign. So this means you can print many colors on your foam board along with pictures and images. The signs can be custom made to any size you like. The foam board sheets come in 4ft x 8ft. Usually the foam board signs are laminated after printing. so this protects the print against minor scrapes and scuffs.

Foam Board Signs printing
Poster Board Sign Printing

Foam Board Signs Printing Can Be Same Day

Rush order signs are welcomed by many of the sign shops near the convention venues. These sign shops are used to displaying businesses and vendors needing last minute signs and banners. They have modern sign printing equipment that can print your signs fast and inexpensively. So just reach out to a local sign shop if you should need same day or next day signs. They will be more than happy to assist you and can arrange delivery of your signs.