Foam Board Posters

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Foam board posters have become indispensable tools in the world of convention and tradeshows in Las Vegas. So these eye catching convention signs are made to grab attention of people attending the conventions. But using a vibrant color scheme is a sure fire way to distinguish yourself from the competition at these events.

The Las Vegas Convention Center, the biggest convention center in las Vegas at over three million square feet. Stands as a prime example of the versatility and impact of foam board posters. Event organizers and businesses at the center utilize these sign displays for many different reasons. They can be used to promote your products. Or even the convention venues themselves use these signs for directional and informational purposes. The lightweight nature of foam core signs makes them easy to transport and set up. The foam board signs can be placed on table tops, hung from wires or placed on easels.

Foam Board Posters
Foam Board Poster Sign

What Are Foam Board Posters ?

Poster board signs are made with a foam inner core with a outer paper coating which allows for printing. These poster board signs can be printed single sided or double sided. Foam board printing of all colors is allowed with printing of images and pictures. So the standard size of a foam board sign thickness is 3/16ths thick. But they also make the foam core signs in 1/2″ thick and 1″ thickness.

Poster board signs are short term signs. They are inexpensive to print and make. But they are fragile since they are made with foam and should not be used outdoors. Their fragility makes for the popular choice of having them made in Las Vegas. So this way they can be picked up for their event. And not risk them being damaged during the shipping process.


Foam poster signs can be made in Las Vegas fast and inexpensively. They also can be delivered to your event center or picked up quickly. So contact your local foam board printing specialist today and order your convention signs.