Foam Board Poster Signs Vegas

Vegas trade show sign displays

Foam board poster signs Vegas are great signs at events and shows in Las Vegas. These foam board posters are very professional looking and considered temporary signage. The vendors and companies displaying at the event venues will often use these foam board signs one time and simply throw them away. So the signs need to look very good. The foam boards are great for printing vibrant and bold colors. Printing pictures on the foam poster signage will help make the signs more appealable to your intended audience.

Foam Board Poster Signs Vegas
Foam Board Signage Vegas

Foam Board Poster Signs Vegas Come in Many Sizes

Custom foam board signs can be made in most any size. The foam board substrate comes in sheets of 4ft x 8ft. So any size smaller than that can be made to meet your marketing needs. The foam board poster signage is a full color print. So that means you can have as many colors on the print as you like. This includes pictures and images. The foamcore poster sign is then finished with a matte lamination or gloss lamination. The matte lamination dulls out the print a little but does not reflect lighting. The gloss lamination is shiny and looks great. However the gloss lamination will reflect light.

Most companies attending and displaying at events prefer to have their foam core board posters made locally. So this saves money on shipping costs. Also the foam boards are fragile signs ( they are made with foam ) and get damaged easily. So by having the signs made locally they avoid unnecessary costs and aggravation. Running around trying to replace damaged signs at the last minute is not fun. Las Vegas sign shops are very competitive on sign prices and offer great deals on sign printing.


Contact your local Vegas sign store about foam core sign printing. The sign shops offer fast printing and fast pick up of your signage. These sign shops are generally located adjacent to the Las Vegas strip for easy access for pick up and delivery. Vendors and companies presenting at the event venues prefer to have the signs made locally. So as to save money on shipping.