Fast Foam Board Signs Vegas

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Fast foam board signs Vegas are sometimes necessary at one of the event venues. Las Vegas is a top destination for events and shows in the world. There are many events that require a great deal of signage. The event signs act as a way to promote your own business and differentiate yourself from the competition. So companies use a wide variety of signage at these events to garnish attention. But retractable pull up banner stands, foam board signs and vinyl banners seem to be the most popular forms of signage at these events.

The retractable banner stands are portable signs that come in many sizes. These signs are self standing and can be placed anywhere. So the economy retractable banner stand has about 17 square feet of printable space and cost around $125.00

The foam board signs also come in many sizes. These signs are also known as poster board signs and a full color signs. The foam board signs are lightweight and have many uses at the vents and shows. Companies prefer to have these foam poster signs made locally as they are fragile. So they often get damaged during the shipping process.

Vinyl banners make for low cost signage. These vinyl banners can be used as step and repeat banners along with backdrop banners.

Fast Foam Board Signs Vegas
Foam Core Signs Vegas

Fast Foam Board Signs Vegas Come In Lots Of Sizes

Foam board signage come in the popular 24×36 foam core sign, 36×48 foam core sign and the 36×72 foam core sign. So while the signs come in many sizes, these seem to be the most popular sizes. Smaller foam board can be made for table tops or placed on easels for display. The large foam board signs are great for stand up signs.


Foam board signs can be made fast and inexpensively. But their cost makes them a crowd favorite at the show venues.