Dust Permit Sign

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A dust permit sign is mandatory at construction sites in Las Vegas, NV. The Clark County Dept. Of Environment and Sustainability regulates the dust situation at construction sites. It seems that dust is a major issue in Clark County. And the good people at the dust dept. want to make sure that dust does not go into the air. The dust issue affects all of Clark County residents. On windy days, the dust comes off the desert topsoil and into the air. It affects all the residents. So the Clark County dust people try to limit the amount of dust that goes into the air when topsoil is disturbed.

The Clark County dust people make the responsible party at a construction site take a dust class. So in order to learn the techniques of keeping dust out of the air. Also a dust control sign is required. On this dust sign there has to be certain information. The name of the permittee, permit number and expiration date are mandatory. Also the acreage, telephone number of the responsible party and the project name. The permittee’s phone number is on the dust sign so people can call them directly if their are violations that need to be resolved. Because nobody wants the County dust people to get a complaint and have them visit your construction site.

Dust Permit Sign
Dust Permit Signs

How Is a Dust Permit Sign Made ?

The dust sign is regulated to be 4ft x 4ft or bigger. It is printed on a large adhesive sticker that is laminated. The lamination allows for protection against minor scuffing and from the weather elements in Vegas. The dust sticker sign is then applied to a double sided aluminum panel. The construction people like the aluminum signs because they are rust proof and lightweight. So it only takes one person to install.

So if you should need a Las Vegas dust control sign, contact a local dust sign company to make your sign for you.

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