Custom Size Foam Board Signs

Custom foam board sign printing

Custom size foam board signs are the new rage among the businesses displaying at the events and shows. The companies have these cheap foam board signs made to their particular size. So then they simply toss them away after the event rather than take them back home.

Las Vegas is a top destination for trade shows and conventions. So the demand for custom size foam board signs has surged. Driven by the need for businesses to make a bold statement in a visually competitive landscape. But these poster board signs, available in a variety of dimensions, provide an opportunity for companies to showcase their brand and products. Many times the companies will print pictures of their product lines in full color on these signs. Then use the poster board signs as reference when they speak with the customer.

Opting for custom size poster board signs allows you to tailor your message precisely. The versatility of foam board signs accommodates various sizes. These foam board signs can be attached to the walls of your convention booth. Or they can be placed on easels for display. The smaller foam board signs can be placed on your table for everyone to see.

Custom Size Foam Board Signs
Custom Foam Poster Signs

Custom Size Foam Board Signs Have Advantages At Conventions and Trade Shows

One of the key advantages of foam core board signs in Vegas is their lightweight nature. Making them easy to transport and install. This proves especially beneficial for event organizers who need to set up and dismantle signage quickly and efficiently. The durability of foam board ensures that your signs withstand the desert climate. So thus maintaining their vibrant colors and integrity under the intense Vegas sun. But usually these poster board signs are used indoors. Out of harms way of rain and extreme heat.

Businesses in Vegas understand the importance of making a memorable first impression. And custom foam core signs offer the ideal solution. From promoting exclusive offers to announcing grand openings. So these signs provide a visually striking canvas to convey your message succinctly.


Custom poster board signs are available to be made by local Las Vegas sign stores. So save yourself high shipping charges and worry about whether your signs will show up on time. So many times the shipping companies will not deliver on time or deliver damaged signs. Delivery of your trade show signage to your event venue is possible.