Custom Poster Board Signs

Vegas trade show sign displays

Custom poster board signs not only capture people’s attention at Las Vegas conventions. But also convey your marketing message and company branding to the attendees at your convention. The foam board signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to express your company’s personality and products.

When it comes to customization, the size of the poster board becomes a canvas for creativity. So whether opting for a small, attention-grabbing sign or a large display. The ability to choose dimensions makes a significant difference in the overall effectiveness of the message. Basically the larger the foam board sign, the more easy it is for people to see and take note of.

The choice of colors also affects how people view your custom foam board signs. Poster board sign printing of vibrant and bright colors help attract attention to your signage. Using easy to read text and fonts help people understand what marketing message you are sending. The quality of pictures and images help sell what items you are promoting. As people like to see clean and crisp images on sings that will be viewed up close.

Custom Poster Board Signs Can Be Made Fast and Cheap.

Poster foam signs are generally made on a foam board with a paper outer coating. The paper allows for a full color print. The foam core signs can be single or double sided. The foam thickness is generally 3/16ths thick. But you can also have the foam poster signs printed using 1/2″ thick or 1″thick foam boards. The thicker foam board signs can be used like a banner stand. But instead of being retractable, the thicker foam core signs use metal legs that help the signs stand straight up.


Using a local sign shop for your convention signs will save you a lot of hassle on unnecessary shipping fees. So you also do not have to worry about lost or damaged signage. Delivery to your hotel or trade show facility can be arranged as well.

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