Custom Las Vegas Poster Board Signs

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Custom Las Vegas poster board signs are available for local Vegas businesses. These poster foam signs are great for point of purchase advertising at neighborhood stores. The signs are placed near the cash registers at local gas stations and convenience stores. So they try to get you to impulse buy merchandise. Many times the distributors and manufacturers will pay for these foam board signs and give them away free. So as to promote their items with great success.

How Are Custom Las Vegas Poster Board Signs Made ?

The foam core board signs usually come in the standard 3/16th thick size. However, they also make the foam board substrates in 1/2″ and 1″ thick. The thicker foam board signs are generally used for stand up signs. Las Vegas casinos will place legs on these thicker foam board signs and stand them straight up. They sort of remind you of a retractable banner stand sign.

The foam board substrates are made with a inner foam core. Then a paper outer shell is applied to both sides which allows for printing. So you can actually have a double sided poster board sign with printing on both sides. This works great if you are hanging the poster foam signs from the ceiling. As people will be able to see them from either direction. The poster foam signs are light enough to hang from the ceilings. If they should fall, they are light weight and will not damage things. These poster board signs can also be placed on counter tops and on walls. The poster signs come in many sizes to match your marketing needs. All of the signs are full color. Meaning you can print any color on the sign along with images.


Foam board signs Las Vegas are easy to make. So they make for great temporary signage. But best of all is that they are low cost.