Custom Foamboard Posters Vegas

Vegas tradeshow display printing

Custom foamboard posters Vegas can get you those foam board signs for your event. The foam board poster signs are in big demand at the tradeshows and conventions. The vendors and companies displaying at the event venues like these light weight signs. As they look professional and are cheap in price. They make wonderful additions to your trade show booth signs.

The poster board signs are generally made on 3/16ths foam board or 1/2″ foamboard. The 1/2″ foam board signs are used for stand up signage. They will be the size of 3ft x 6ft and use spider legs to stand straight up. Theses types of signs make great directional signs and are used a lot in the Las Vegas casinos. The casinos like them because if they get knocked over, they are light and nobody gets hurt.

The 3/16ths foam signs are used much more frequently. Photographers and like these signs as they can be laminated in matte. The vendors and companies like these temporary signs because they are cheap in price and look very professional. The foam signs can be custom made to any size you like. All offer a full color print. Meaning you can have as many colors and pictures printed on these signs as you like.

Custom Foamboard Posters Vegas
Custom Foam board Poster Signs

Custom Foamboard Posters Vegas Can Be Made Same Day

Many of the vendors and companies at these events like to have their signs and banners made in Vegas. Not only does this save money on expensive shipping. It also guarantees that the signs and banners will be available when they arrive. So often shipping companies damage or lose signs. So when signs get lost or damaged, same day signs are necessary for the show to go on as planned.