Custom Foamboard Poster Printing Vegas

Custom foamboard poster printing Vegas can get you those custom size foam board signs printed. Foam board signs are great for businesses presentations. So these foam core poster signs look great on a easel and are lightweight. In fact they are considered temporary signage and can simply be tossed away after an event. They can be printed in any color and in any size. Using bold and bright colors tend to get the attendees at your event to notice your signage. Foam board signage is usually printed locally. Because it is expensive to ship foam board signs into Vegas. Also they have a tendency to get damaged because of their fragility.

Custom Foamboard Poster Printing Vegas
Foam Board Poster Printing Vegas

Custom Foamboard Poster Printing Vegas Is Great For Trade Shows

Foam core board signs are very popular at trade shows and conventions. So the standard substrate for foam board signs is the 3/16th thick size. There is also the 1/2″ thick foam board substrate. The 3/16ths thick foamboard sign is the most popular version. The poster foamboard signs are lightweight and can be printed in full color. So you can have as many combination of colors printed on the foam core sign. You can also have background images and pictures printed on the foam board signs. The most common sizes of foam core board signs are the 18″ x 24″ and 24″ x 36″. However the foam board can be custom printed to 4ft x 8ft. Thicker foam board substrate can be used for stand up foam board signs.

Foam board signs are laminated to help protect the sign print. The lamination can either be matte lamination or gloss lamination. The matte lamination dulls out the print finish a little but reflects light. The gloss lamination brings out the vivid print but will reflect light. No lamination can also be done.


Your local Las Vegas foamboard sign printer will be able to answer all your questions about these marvelous display signs. The best foam board sign makers are usually located near the convention venues. As this offers fast pick up or delivery of your foam boar signage.