Convention Signs

Convention signs

Convention signs are used in abundance at the Vegas convention venues. The vendors and companies displaying at the events need convention signage to distinguish themselves from the competition. So the convention industry is big business in Las Vegas. Millions of people attend these events. Thousands of companies and vendors come to Vega to show off their product lines at these shows. So these convention events drive the Las Vegas economy. Vegas is a top tier destination for events and trade shows. But many Las Vegas banners and Vegas signs are needed for these events. Along with vinyl banners, retractable banner stands and foam core signs.

Convention signs
Convention signage

There Are Many Types of Convention Signs Needed For Events

Some of the more popular sings needed are the custom table cloth signs and foamcore board signs. Also retractable banner stands and vinyl banners. So the table cloth signs are great for covering tables that are in your convention booth. So they can be any color and have your company name and logo printed on table cover signs. The foam core board signs are foam board signs that are light weight and can be made to any size. So these foam board signs make great directional signage or advertising.

The retractable banner stands are used a lot at trade shows and conventions. The banner stands can be placed anywhere. As they are self standing signs. The popular 33×78 pull up banner stand is perfect signage for the convention booths. Vinyl banners work great for backdrop banners. So convention banners or trade show banners can be made in small sizes and large sizes. The companies like to print pictures of their products on these banners and place them in the rear of their display booth. So this way everybody can see what products they sell. And as they look at the background banner, the sales team can approach them and speak with them.


Contacting your local Vegas sign company will get you more details about the great convention sign products. Delivery of banner stands, banners Las Vegas and foam board signs can be arranged to your show venue.