Better Priced Foam Board Signs

Vegas tradeshow foamboard sign printing

Better priced foam board signs are available in Las Vegas at very good pricing. There are sign shops that have the latest printers that can print very detailed foam board signs at low prices. These sign shops are located near the Las Vegas convention venues. The reason being is that they tend to cater to the many events held in Las Vegas. So they locate near the vent venues so that they can offer fast pick up or delivery of your event signage. Foam core signs , also known as poster board signs, are very popular at the Las Vegas events.

Las Vegas businesses also use these foam board signs in their business. as they make for great point of sales signage. The stores will place them near their cash registers or display them from wire from the ceiling tiles. The foam core signs are lightweight, so if they were to fall. The signs would cause no damage. The point of sales signs can be printed in full color with pictures and images. So the stores will print pictures of the sale items they are promoting along with a price. But then place the items near the sign to make it easy for them to purchase the items. this type of advertising brings great results.

Better Priced Foam Board Signs
Foam Core Signs Las Vegas

Better Priced Foam Board Signs Come In Many Sizes

The poster board signage comes in many sizes to meet your advertising needs. The foam board can be as small as 8.5 x 11, 16×20 foam board signs, 18×24 foam board signs and as large as 48×96 poster board signs. But the size made just depends on the room available and what products you are trying to sell.


The Las Vegas foam board signs are a great way to communicate to customers your products and services. This can be done at a low price. Contact your local sign company for more information.