36×48 Foam Board Sign Printing

Vegas trade show sign displays

36×48 foam board sign printing can get you those foam board signs made fast and inexpensively. Las Vegas is the king of trade shows and conventions. There are hundreds of these events annually in Vegas drawing thousands of businesses. This attracts millions of people from all over the world to attend and find the latest gadgetry and products.

So many foam core board signs or poster board signs are needed at the events. Many of the vendors and businesses coming into Las vegas for these events have their convention signs made locally. So this way they can just pick them up when they arrive. Otherwise they have to worry about shipping, storage and delivery. So often the foam board signs arrive damaged. Because they are fragile type signage.

36x48 Foam Board Sign Printing
Foam Board Sign Printing

36×48 Foam Board Sign Printing Also Comes In Many More Sizes

While the 36×48 poster board sign is popular. There are other popular poster board sign sizes. The 18×24 poster board sign, 24×36 poster board sign and the 20×30 foam board sign are also popular alternatives. So these poster board signs are printed on 3/16th inch thick foam boards in full color. But the foam board signs can also be printed with pictures and logos.

The foam boards can also be printed on 1/2″ thick foam and 1″ thick foam substrates. The thicker foam board signs are generally used for stand up signs. All these poster board signs can be printed in full color.


Your Las VEga foam board sign store will be able to print these foam core signs fast and inexpensively. You can simply order these signs in advance and pick them up when you are in Vegas. Or you can have the signs delivered to your Las Vegas convention venue. So save money on expensive shipping and order your convention signs in Las Vegas.