24×36 Poster Board Signs Vegas

Sema convention signs and banners

24×36 poster board signs Vegas are hugely popular at the conventions and trades shows. The 24 x 36 foam board sign is the most popular size for displaying. The vendors and companies who are displaying their products at the event venues like this 6 sq ft temporary sign. So since the foam board signs are looked at up close, a lot of information can be printed on these signs. So these signs are full color. That means you can have as many colors printed on the foam boards as you like. As well as pictures and images in the background.

The Las Vegas community holds hundreds of events and shows a year. So thousands of companies and vendors come to Vegas to show off the latest products and services. This attracts millions of people in the convention fields from all over the world. Many Vegas signs and Vegas banners are needed for these vents. The companies prefer to have their signage made by local Vegas sign stores. So this saves a lot of money on expensive shipping. It also cuts down on damages signs showing up or not at all. That is a big concern for many of the companies and vendors displaying their product lines.

24x36 Poster Board Signs Vegas
24×36 Poster Signs Vegas

24×36 Poster Board Signs Vegas Come In Other Sizes

The poster foam board signs come in many custom sizes to meet your marketing needs. The sheets of foam board are 4ft x 8ft. So you can have that size or a larger size. To get a larger size, you would simply divide the design up and print on different foam boards and then place them next to each other. So as to simulate one large graphic. But the most common poster foam board signs are the 18×24 foam board sign, 24×36 foam board sign and the 20×30 foam board sign.