24×36 Foam Board Signs

Vegas tradeshow display printing

24×36 foam boards are large foam board signs that will get noticed. This 24×36 size is very popular at conventions and trade shows in Vegas. Vendors and companies displaying at the convention venues like these portable cost effective signs. Also they are lightweight and can be placed on easels or hung from above. So there is little risk of injury because they are so lightweight. They are made with foam.

24x36 Foam Board Signs
Vegas Foam Board Signs

24×36 Foam Board Signs are Considered Temporary Signage

Because these lightweight Vegas signs are made with foam they are considered temporary signage. The sign has a inner foam core with paper on the outside. So that allows for printing on the foam board. So foam board printing can be printed with any color or combination of colors. Also they can have images printed on them like logos and pictures.

The foam board substrate will warp in extreme weather. So this is the reason it is considered short term signage. Most people ordering foam board signs are doing it for signage for just a few days. So then they simply toss the signage away after usage. of course, the heavier foam board like 1″ thick will last a much longer time. Casinos in Las Vegas use 1″ foam board for upright signage. These signs are then placed on stands and the foam board signs become self standing.

Vendors and companies like to have their foam boards printed in Vegas. So they can avoid expensive shipping costs. Also because of the foam board signage fragility they do not have to worry about damage during the shipping process. It is cheaper to have your foam board printing completed in Las Vegas than to ship them into Vegas. Your local 5 star Las Vegas rated Sign shop can offer assistance in getting your convention signage printed. Give them a call today.