22×28 Foam Board Signs For Sign Stands

Trade show banner stand sign printing

22 x 28 foam board signs are great for the stand up signs you see at conventions and trade shows in Nevada. The stand up signs are used for directional type signage. These foam board signs can be double sided and slipped into the stand up frame. The signs are laminated with a gloss or matte laminate.

Defining foam board signage is easy. The sign substrate is made up of foam with a outer paper coating that allows for printing. The foam board signage can be printed on both sides. The substrate usually are 3/16ths thick, 1/2″ thick or 1 inch thick depending upon your signage needs. The thicker foam boards are usually made as a stand up sign. So they put spider legs or stands at the bottom to hold the signs upright. Many Las Vegas casinos use these stand up foam board signs in their casinos.

Many different type of foam core signs are needed for these events. But the most common sizes are the 18×24 foam core sign, 24×36 foam core sign and the 22×28 foam core sign. These poster foam signs can be printed single sided or double sided. Depending upon your needs.

22x28 Foam Board Signs
22×28 Foam Core Signs

22×28 Foam Board Signs Can Be Made Quickly

Because of all the trade shows, events and conventions held in Las Vegas. Many foam core board signs are needed. So in many of these cases, the foam boards need replacing. Because while being shipped into Las Vegas, they were damaged or lost. But the foam board signs unless packaged correctly are easily damaged. So these convention signs need to be replaced quickly and inexpensively. Foam board printing can be done very quickly and often in the same day.


Designing the poster board signs should include vibrant and bold colors when possible. So this will allow people to easily see your sign and pay attention to its marketing content.