18×24 Foam Board Signs

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18×24 foam board signs are foam core board signs that will get your company noticed. This 18×24 size is a popular size at trade shows in Las Vegas. So companies displaying at the convention venues like these low cost effective signs. Also they are lightweight. And can be placed on stands. Also hanged from the ceilings. So if the fell there is little risk of injury. Because they are so lightweight. They are made with foam with a paper attached on the outside of the foam.

18x24 Foam Board Signs
Foam Board Signs

18×24 Foam Board Signs Are Great For Conventions

These lightweight Vegas signs are made with foam. They are considered temporary signage. The sign has a inner foam core of 3/16ths or 1/2″ with paper on the outside. So that allows for printing on the foam board. Also these printable foam board signs can be printed in any color. Also they can have images printed on them like logos and background images. The cost of 3/16th thick foamboard is $9.00 a square foot. Also the 1/2″ thick foamboard costs around $13.00 a square foot.

Double sided foam board signs are possible. Your local sign company will have more information about that. Also, same day foam board printing is a possibility. Sign shops understand that time is of the essence if you are at an event and need signs and banners.

Vendors and companies prefer to have their foam boards printed in Vegas for a variety of reasons. So they can avoid costly shipping. Also because of the foam core board signage is fragile. So they do not have to worry about damage during the shipping process. It is cheaper to have your foam boards printed in Las Vegas than to shipped them into Vegas. Many times the foam signs will not arrive in time or show up damaged. In these cases, the signs have to be reprinted so that the show can go on as scheduled.