18×24 Foam Board Sign Printing

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18×24 foam board sign printing is great for the exhibitions and shows held in Southern Nevada. There are hundreds of these shows and events taking place every year in Vegas. In fact, Las Vegas is a top destination in the country for trade shows and conventions. These events attract thousands of businesses from all over the world. So they attract millions of participants from several different countries. These people want to see the latest technology in play and learn about the newest products. But as a result, many foam board signs, banner stands Las Vegas and convention signs are needed.

Foam board sign printing is especially popular at these events. The foam board signage is considered temporary signage and is impressive to display. The foam board allows for a very smooth and professional appearance. But many different types of foam board signage are available. The 20×30 foam core signs, 24×36 foam core signs and the larger 36×48 foam core signs are very popular. These signs can be placed on tables at the front of the display booths. Or they can be displayed on easels and put up on trade show booth walls.

How Is 18×24 Foam Board Sign Printing Done.

Las Vegas foam board signs are generally printed on 3/16ths foam board. This allows for a quickly made sign. A foam board sign is a foam substrate with a outer paper applied on both sides. So this allows the poster board sign to be printed on on both sides in full color. Meaning you can print as many colors on your poster signs as you like. This includes the printing of images.


Many companies coming into Las Vegas want their poster board signs made in Las Vegas. Since the poster signs are fragile they often get damaged during the shipping process. Poster board signs can be delivered to your hotel of event venue.