Vegas X Stand Banner Signs Are Inexpensive

Vegas Retractable Signs

X stand banner signs are inexpensive. So they are popular with the companies coming into Las Vegas for the conventions. You will see these inexpensive X stands being used at the different venues. There are hundreds of conventions annually. These conventions attract millions of people from around the world. Lots of signs and banners are needed at these events.

The two main sizes of the X stand Banners are the 24″ x 63″ X stand banner. Also the 32″ x 72″ X stand banner. These two model stand are very easy to set up. So they are a crowd favorite for display. The 24″ x 63″ X stand Banner sells for around $69.00 . Also the 32″ x 72″ banner stand costs around $79.00.

X Stand Banner Signs
X Stand Banner Stands

X Stand Banner Signs Can Be Made Same Day

Same day printing of X stand banner stands is possible. This is important because many times graphics get lost or damaged while being shipped into Vegas. It is a common occurrence for missing signs and banners at the convention venues. However, there are Vegas sign shops that have the ability to print same day banners and signs.

The X stand banner stands offer full color printing. You can have any color or combination of colors on the banner graphics. Pictures, logos and background scenes can be printed as well. Also, these x stands have removable graphics. So this allows the same x stand to be used with multiple graphics. The banner graphics are very easy to swap out. Only four hooks in the corner attach the graphic to the banner stand. The stand expands to stretch the display graphic to keep it wrinkle free.

Check out other Vegas signs and Vegas banners specials that Las Vegas sign shops are offering. Also it is convention season and sign stores are competing for your business. Shop around for the best sign deals.