Vegas Standup Banner Signs

Cheap retractable banner signs

Vegas standup banner signs are a self standing sign display. These retractable banner stands can be placed anywhere because they are self standing. This reason alone makes them a sign favorite at conventions and trade shows. So when they are pull up to display the sign, they are quite impressive. The compact 33×78 retractable banner stand has about 17 square feet of printable space on it. Once the event is over. The banner stand rolls up into a compact case and is carried away. The stands are lightweight. The retractable banners are portable and can easily be moved around.

Vegas Standup Banner Signs
Retractable Banners

Vegas Standup Banner Signs Come in What Sizes ?

The most common size roll up banner stand is the 33″ x 78″ banner stand. This model sells for about $125.00 and takes just a day or two to make. So this sign stand also comes in the deluxe version with a wide chrome base. The 33″ x 80 ” banner stands sign sells for $165.00. It is most impressive looking and can be used many times over. So some more common size vertical banner stands are the 45″ x 78″ tall banner stand and the deluxe 36″ x 92″ banner stand. Banner stands also come at a lower price with the X stand Banner Stands that sell for about a 50% discount. The 24×63 X stand banner sells for about $59.00 and the 32×73″ X stand banner stand sells for about $79.00


Same day banner stand printing is also available in emergencies. So rush order sign printing is accepted when available by the local Las Vegas sign stores. Sign stores realize that sign graphics get damaged or misplaced and need fast replacing. So it happens all the time in Vegas with so many events being held here. If you should find yourself in need of fast signs, local sign shops are willing to help you. They have modern sign making equipment that can make your signs and Vegas banners fast and inexpensively.