Vegas Standing Banner Retractable Signs For Conventions

Low Priced Banner Stand Printing

Standing banner retractable signs in Vegas are popular during the long convention and event season. This convention season runs from about December through May. But trade shows and conventions occur year round in Southern Nevada. Standing retractable banners can be seen displayed all over the trade show venues.  Because of their size and portability. But their low price is a consideration factored in as well.  Retractable banners are a very cost effective way to display your marketing signage at the shows. These banner stands Las Vegas are portable signs and can be moved around very easily.

Standing banner retractable signs
Standing banners Vegas

Are Standing Banner Retractable Signs In Las Vegas Needed For Events and Shows ?

There are hundreds of trade shows and conventions in the Las Vegas area every single year. So these shows attract millions of visitors the Las Vegas area. People love coming to Las Vegas.  Because it is such a fun city to visit.  And Vegas has the infrastructure in place to support millions of people with all the hotels and casinos. People consider it almost a vacation. When they get to visit our city under the pretext of attending the events and shows of their industry. There is 24 hour fun, drinking, gambling, shows, golf, skiing during the winter and boating during the summer. Vegas is a fun place for your trade show or convention.

Signs and Vegas banners are needed year round for these events as there are yearly conventions. One of the most popular display graphics is the retractable upright banner stand signs or also known as retractable banners. Standing banner retractable signs start off at less than one hundred twenty five dollars.   For the very popular 33inch wide models that stand around 7 feet tall. This equates to about 17 square feet of printable material that allows you to put a lot of information on the sign. The retractable banner stand can be full color with any combination of colors you choose as well included pictures and printed logos.

Using vibrant and bright colors help draws attention to your banner stands. Clear and easily readable fonts help make the banner stand text easily readable.


The roll up banner stands Las Vegas are very portable.  Because they come with a convenient carrying case that allows them to be moved around quite easily. In fact, many people just walk into the event venue carrying these Las Vegas banner stands and set them up themselves. Saving time and money from having to hire expensive union labor. They are self standing and can be placed anywhere in your convention booth. Contact a local banner stand store for more information. Delivery to your trade show event site is possible. So just ask your friendly sign shop.