Vegas Standee Retractable Banner Stands

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Standee retractable banner stands are great for retail businesses in Southern Nevada. These pull up banners are great for in store advertising. These banner displays are perfect where room and space is a consideration. As the retractable banner stands pull straight up. Because these standee banners are self standing and come in many different sizes. Instead of mannequins and other old fashion marketing techniques, retailers are choosing standing banner stands. Because of their cheap price and offer versatility and can easily be moved around.

Are Standee retractable Banner Stands Popular At Convention Venues ?

Pullup retractable banner stands are also incredibly popular at shows and events in Las Vegas.  At every event at one of the three big convention venues:

1. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

2. Sands Expo

3. Las Vegas Convention Center

These retractable banner stands are on display. The reason for their popularity is that banner stands are a relatively inexpensive graphic display. So that when full set up they represent a very large graphic. The most popular version of the banner stand, the 33 inch x 78 inch model has over 17 square feet of printable space on it. Add in the fact that these standee banner holders are self standing. ( meaning that no special support is needed and they can be placed anywhere) They can be moved around for that perfect fit in your sign display.


Pull up banners are very inexpensive with the popular 33×78 stand. ( that comes with carrying case and adjustable pole stand)  These banner stands Vegas cost less than one hundred thirty five dollars. These sign stands are available in the Las Vegas area by many sign stores .

Pull up banner stands come in many different widths and heights to match your display needs. These stands come in a small two foot side model all the way up to around five feet wide. Since the heights of these stands are adjustable, you can have as little as around 40″ tall all the way up to about 8 feet tall in height.

Delivery to your hotel or convention venue is possible. So just ask your local sign shop for more information