Vegas Affordable Backdrop Banners

Vegas affordable backdrop banners are great for outdoor events. These large backdrop banners are great for displays at the back of stages. These large banners also make for great signs. So a 8ft tall x 20 foot wide banner is a large sign and most impressive. These backdrop banners can be made to any size to fit your marketing needs.

Vegas Affordable Backdrop Banners
Vegas Backdrop Banners

Vegas Affordable Backdrop Banners Are Great For Events and Shows.

Vendors and companies who are showing at the conventions and trade shows like these large background signs. The backdrop signs can be placed at the rear of display booths. So as people walk by the booth they can see what your vinyl banner has written on it. The sales people use these large banners as props in order to reinforce their marketing message.

Backdrop banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner substrate. The banners can be full color and have images printed on the banners. So the banners can be any size to match your marketing needs. The banners are finished with hemming on the perimeter and grommets on all four sides. So grommets allow for an easy way to hang the vinyl banner. Pole pockets can also be made for the banner so that a pole can slide through the pockets. Usually the pole pockets are at the top and bottom. 8ft x 8ft backdrop banners and 8ft x 10ft backdrop banners are the most popular sizes.

Fabric backdrop banners are also available. The polyester fabric is printed on and this allows for a wrinkle free banner. The fabric banners can be any color and again have pictures and logos printed on them. The fabric banners are also machine washable. So for every event they can be simply washed and they will look and smell like new.