Vegas 8ft Trade Show Display Sign

Vegas 8ft curved backdrop signs

Vegas 8ft trade show display sign are being used at the trade show venues in Southern Nevada. The vendors and companies displaying their merchandise at these events like these trade show signs. As they can be placed anywhere because they are self standing. But usually the companies will place them at the back of the trade show booths. So this allows people walking by to see your large backdrop sign. The vendors and companies will print pictures or images of their products on these large 8ft backdrop signs.

The 8ft tradeshow displays come in a straight version or curved version. The curved 8ft trade show display sign or the 8ft straight trade show backdrop sign. The backdrop signs are easy to set up and take about 10 minutes. So you do not need to hire expensive union labor to set up the signs. You simply walk into the event venue with your backdrop sign and set it up. All these backdrop signs come with all necessary hardware, carrying case and full color fabric print. The fabric print provides a wrinkle free appearance. The full color print means you can have as many colors printed on the banner as you like. This includes pictures and logos.

Vegas 8ft Trade Show Display Sign
Vegas 8ft Tradeshow Display Sign

Vegas 8ft Trade Show Display Sign Comes In Other Sizes and Shapes

The trade show backdrop signs or convention backdrop signs also come in the convenient 10ft sizes as well. You can buy a straight 10ft trade show display sign or a curved 10ft backdrop display sign. All these signs come in full color with a carrying case for easy transport. Many vendors and companies prefer to order the trade show signs from a local Las Vegas sign dealer. So this way they know the signs and banners will be available when they arrive in Las Vegas. The sign shops offer delivery or pick up as well.