Trade Show Fabric Banner Signs

Vegas 8ft curved backdrop signs

Trade show fabric banner signs make for great visual stimuli at the trade shows and events. These large fabric backdrop signs are intended to get attention from the attendees. These large trade show signs can be placed at the back of display booths or up in front. The fabric display signs are self standing. So this means they can be placed anywhere as they stand alone.

These fabric backdrop display signs come in many sizes. The 8ft curved backdrop display and the 10ft curved fabric display are both popular signage used at the trade shows. The signs have pop up frames and then a fabric print is placed over the frame and stretched a little. But this stretching gives it a wrinkle free appearance. Once you have the pop up sign hardware, you can just buy the replacement banner graphic instead of the whole display system. The frame gets repurposed and you save money.

Trade Show Fabric Banner Signs
Trade Show Fabric Displays

Trade Show Fabric Banner Signs Are Full Color

The fabric signs placed on backdrop displays are full color. So this means you can print vibrant and bold colors on your fabric signs. Along with pictures and images. Allowing you to make a bright colorful sign display that will garnish attention at your display booth. Many times a company will place these large fabric sign displays at the rear of their booths. They will print pictures and products and images on the banners. So that as people walk by, they can very quickly identify what you are promoting. The sales people in turn use the fabric display signs as sort of a visual reference point while speaking. They can refer people to the pictures and answer questions about the products.


These trade show fabric display signs can be ordered in advance. Then picked up when you arrive into Las Vegas. The sign shops that cater to the tradeshow venues are usually near the Las Vegas Strip and offer easy access. Delivery can also be scheduled.