Large Fabric Banners in Las Vegas

Large fabric banners are now available in Las Vegas at very good pricing. Many businesses and vendors who are displaying at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Or Mandalay Bay Convention Center prefer the wrinkle free fabric banner. Than to the 13 ounce vinyl banner. While both Vegas banners can be printed with as many colors and pictures as you want. There are some differences to take into consideration when deciding which banner to choose for your display.

Large Fabric Banners

Large Fabric Banner

What Materials Are Used in Large Fabric Banners

Vegas fabric banners are printed on a polyester material and are wrinkle free. These polyester fabric banners can be machine washed with ordinary care. So, they can then be used at another event. They are wrinkle free which gives them the advantage over the 13 ounce vinyl banner material. But they are not as durable as a vinyl banner. The polyester material is stretchable and is similar to a woman’s dress. Once snagged, it is almost impossible to repair it and will generally continue to tear after that. The vinyl banner offers more toughness and can be cleaned with soap and water and placed in the sun to get rid of any wrinkles, but does not look as nice as a wrinkle free banner.

Fabric banners in Las Vegas generally for about $5.00 a square foot and the turnaround time is about 4 days.  While a vinyl banner sells for around $5.00 a square foot. Both the fabric and vinyl banner can have pole pockets ( pockets at the top and bottom of the banner where a pull can be slid through in order to hold the banner up) or have grommets place on then in order to be hung.

Contact a local sign store in Las Vegas if you should need one of these Las Vegas fabric banners and they will be more than happy to assist you in obtaining the banner of your choice.