Telescopic 8×8 Banner Stands

Las Vegas rollup banners

Telescopic 8×8 banner stands that adjust to 8×10 banner stands are available in Las Vegas. These large banner stands are great for holding up those large 8×8 banners and 8×10 banners. As these adjustable banner stands expand to a maximum length of 10 ft wide. They also adjust on the height as well to a maximum of 96″ tall. The backdrop banner stands can be seen at the hundreds of trade shows and conventions held in Las Vegas every year. These conventions attract the biggest names in business. They display their goods and services to millions of people that flock to Las Vegas annually for these events. In fact, Las Vegas is the top designation in the USA for conventions and trade shows.

It seems that everybody wants to hold their event in Vegas. As there is so much to do before and after the events. But many signs and Vegas banners are needed for these shows. Foam board signs Las Vegas, posters and large banner stands are very popular at events.

Telescopic 8x8 Banner Stands
Telescopic 8×10 Banner Stands

Telescopic 8×8 Banner Stands Can Be Purchased Separately.

The large telescopic adjustable banner stands can be purchased without the banner graphics. So many times vendors and companies come into Las Vegas and break or lose the large banner stand frames. So in these cases, Las Vegas sign shops have learned to carry extras for people to replace damaged units. Alternately, just the banner stand graphics can be purchased if you already have your own banner stands and just need replacement graphics.


Contact one of your local Las Vegas sign shops for more information on these banner stand replacement units. Not only do they carry the large banner stands, they also carry the smaller banner stands in the economy and premium models that you can purchase.