Retractable Banner Las Vegas

The retractable banner Las Vegas is a powerful sign display being used at conventions and presentations in Southern Nevada. These retractable banners offer many advantages over other types of convention signage. So these retractable banner stands are portable, versatile, and visually impactful. These banner holders are perfect for events, exhibitions, and business presentations.

Lightweight and user friendly, standing banner stands stand out at Las Vegas trade shows and conventions.. They are simple to transport, set up in in less than a minute and have a sturdy compact aluminum base. The banner graphics pull straight out of the base and are held upright with an adjustable pole. So this height pole allows for adjustment so that you find the perfect fit of your display graphic.

Versatility is a is a key to the strength of these standing banner stands. But the sign banners can be replaced. So you do not have to continually buy new banner stand hardware. This saves a lot of money if you are on a budget.

Retractable Banner Las Vegas
Retractable Banners Las Vegas

The Retractable Banner Las Vegas Has Other Uses.

Beyond conventions and trade shows, retractable banner stands are great for business presentations and retail store displays. They’re perfect for store promotions, product launches, and information displays. Their portable nature allows strategic placement. So thus maximizing visibility and drawing attention to your signage. Retail store are using banner holders to replace mannequins. Since the banner holders are self standing, they can be placed anywhere in a retail store for displaying.


Las Vegas retractable banners come in many sizes to meet your display needs. The 24″ banner stand is the smallest and the 57″ wide model is the largest banner stand. In addition, you can buy a large adjustable banner stand that will hold banners that adjusts up to 8ft tall x 10ft wide. Your local sign company will have more information.