Popular Custom Convention Signs Vegas

Vegas 8ft curved backdrop signs

Popular custom convention signs Vegas is a great search term to use when you are looking for convention signs. These convention signs will help you event booth stand out and get attention. So that is very important at an event where there are many competitors. Also, these Las Vegas conventions can be very large and getting noticed is always an issue. This is especially true for smaller businesses with smaller marketing budgets. As the big companies will wrap vehicle, hang large banners from the rafters and hire show girls. These large businesses seem to have unlimited convention budgets to attract people. So you need to work a little smarter and get your share of convention traffic. Picking the right display signs goes a long way in creating display booth traffic and conversions.

These conventions provide for an opportunity for meet fellow businesses , learn and showcasing your products or services. In the busy, chaotic atmosphere of a convention. It is very important to have effective signage. So the convention signs play a crucial role in helping attendees, promoting your products and creating a memorable experience. Using vibrant colors on your convention signs will certainly garnish attention for your display booth.

Popular Custom Convention Signs Vegas
Custom Convention Display Signs

What Are The Popular Custom Convention Signs Vegas ?

  1. Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are one of the most versatile, cost effective types of convention signs. These portable displays come in various sizes and styles. So thus making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Roll up banner stands are often used to brand a company or promote its products. They are easy to set up and transport, making them a favorite among the displaying companies at events. Retractable banner stands, tension fabric displays, and telescopic banners are just a few sign examples of banner stand varieties that can be customized to suit your display needs.

  1. Pop-Up Displays

Pop-up displays are another popular choice for conventions and trade shows. These trade show signs are known for their easy assembly and getting attendees attention. These portable signs can be quickly set up to create an impressive backdrop. Pop-up displays come in many sizes and shapes. So thus allowing you to choose from a variety of sizes to match your marketing needs.

  1. Tabletop Display Signs

For smaller spaces or parsimonious exhibitors. Table top signs are an excellent option. These compact signs are designed to sit on top of tables or counters and can be used to showcase brochures or promotional materials. Utilizing a custom tablecloth sign to cover the table helps identify your company or products. The tablecloth signs are cheap in price and can be made in many colors. Tabletop displays come in various configurations, including folding panels or pop up versions.

Supporting Convention Signs That Also Make A Difference

Sign banners are a great way to make your booth stand out in a crowded convention hall. Suspended from the rafters, these signs can be seen from a distance, guiding attendees to your location. The trade show banners can be a multitude of sizes to meet your marketing needs. The vinyl banners are cheap in price. The cost is about $3.00 a square foot. These vinyl banners can also be used for backdrop displays. So this is where a 8×8 vinyl banner or 8×10 vinyl banner is displayed from an adjustable banner stand. They place these backdrop banner signs at the rear of display booths. So as the attendees walk by, they can instantly see what your company is promoting.

These conventions and trade shows can be very big with several hundred thousand people attending. Navigating a large convention center like Las Vegas Convention Center can be a daunting task for attendees. Directional signs are crucial for helping people find their way around the convention venue. These signs typically feature clear and concise information about the location of specific exhibitors, restrooms and registration desks. Directional signage can also help guide people directly to your convention booth.

Sidewalk Sign – A-frame signs, also known as sidewalk signs or sandwich boards, are versatile and portable signage options. These sidewalk signs are self standing and can be placed anywhere. They are commonly used to direct foot traffic and draw attention to marketing messages or promotions. A-frame signs can be placed strategically near entrances, exits, or high-traffic areas to increase visibility. So thus allowing for easy customization.

Foam Board Signs Are ALso Great For Convention Signs

Foam board signs are great for temporary signage. These foam signs have a outer paper coating which allows them to be printed on. So they can be printed in full color. Meaning you can print pictures and images on them in any color. The foam board signs are then laminated with a matte or gloss laminate that helps protect the foam core sign against minor scuffs.

The custom foam board signs can be made in many sizes. The common sizes are 16×20 foam board sign, 18×24 foam board sign, 24×36 foam board sign, etc. Many times they will use 36×72 foam board signs as stand up signs. So they use spider feet to hold the foam board straight up. The foam core board signage comes in the standard 3/16th thick size and 1/2″ thick size.


Businesses attending these conventions to display will often just order their signs and banners from a Las Vegas sign company. These sign companies located near the convention venues have modern sign printing machines and banner printing machines to make signage fast and cheap. The quality of the new printers is phenomenal. Also by having the Vegas signs and Vegas banners made locally, the businesses are guaranteed that the signs will be ready for pick up or delivery when they arrive in Vegas.

So often shipping companies will damage or not deliver signs on time. But by having them made in Las Vegas, you know they will be available on time and in good order. SO contact your local Vegas sign company today through Google search engine and see how they can help your convention be a success.