Las Vegas Standing Banners

Las Vegas pop up banners

Las Vegas standing banners are retractable banners. These signs allow for a compact banner display. That is housed in an aluminum frame that stands straight up when extended. The banner holders are used quite extensively at the many shows and exhibitions held in Southern Nevada. Their portability and easiness in setting up these pop up displays make them a crowd favorite.

The fact that the standing banner signs come in many sizes to meet your marketing needs also helps out. The retractable banners come in many sizes and are better priced banner stand signs. These signs come in full color. So banner stand printing with as many colors as you want is possible. So is printing your graphics with images and pictures.

By using a vibrant color design with bold and bright colors. You will attract attention from the attendees at your event. They will gravitate over to your event signs and give you the opportunity to speak with them. This is important. Because of all the competition at these events. As you need to stand out among the competition.

Las Vegas Standing Banners
Vegas Standing Banner

Las Vegas Standing Banners Can Be Made The Same Day

A customer recently flew into Vegas for an event and forget his two standing banner signs back home. There was no time to ship them to Vegas . So he had to have the retractable banners made in Vegas very quickly. as the show was the next day and he needed them for display. But Las Vegas sign shops were able to make his signs for him. So as it turned out, the Vegas sign shops were able to make a better priced retractable banner stand than he paid back home !


Making your trade show signs in Las Vegas is simple and usually less expensive than where you come from. This is because Vegas sign shops are numerous and compete for your business. But having the sign printing performed in Vegas will also save you on expensive shipping charges.