Las Vegas Convention Graphic Displays

Low cost backdrop banners Vegas

Las Vegas convention graphic displays are need for the hundreds of Las Vegas convention shows that are held in Las Vegas annually. It seems that Las Vegas is the king of conventions and trade shows. So hundreds of thousands of people come annually to Las Vegas to put on or attend these shows. Consequently, many Las Vegas banners and signs are needed for these events.  The retractable banner stands are one of the more popular pop up displays used at these shows.

Las Vegas convention graphic displays use many retractable banner stands at their venues for a variety of reasons:

1. Cost is reasonable

2. Easy to set up

3. Are portable and can be used at other shows

4. Require no permit

5. Are large and can have a lot of information on them

6. Come in a variety of sizes

Las Vegas Convention Graphic Displays
Las Vegas Convention Banner Displays

What Do The More Popular Las Vegas Convention Graphic Displays Cost ?

The starting off price for these banner stand graphics. ( stand, print and carrying case)Iis less than $125.00 for the very popular 33″ wide model with the telescopic pole. So this adjustable pole allows the banner to be as tall as about 6 1/2 feet or as short as about 4ft. These telescopic poles allow for height adjustment of the graphic instead of the cheaper ” tent pole system”. That only allows for one height. These pull up banner stands come in widths as small as 2feet and as wide as about 5 feet.

Often, instead of having a expensive and bulky backdrop banner made which the convention sites require a union worker to install. Vendors will have one large graphic cut up and placed on individual banner stands. So then simply just place the banner stands together. So that they look like one continuous graphic. This set up is called a banner wall and one person can easily set it up and take it down.

The pull up banner stands are full color signs. Meaning you can have many vibrant and bright colors along with pictures printed on your Vegas Banner Stands.


Las Vegas convention display graphics come in many different forms. See how these signs can help your display booth become more effective. Vegas sign shops are located near the convention venues for easy pick up or fast delivery.