Las Vegas Banner Holder Stands

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Las Vegas banner holder stands are great for business presentations. Local Vegas businesses are using these portable banner stands at their meetings. So as to help them get their message across to the audience. The meeting venues in Southern Nevada love to use these retractable banners.

The popularity for business presentation use has spilled over into the retail business in Vegas. The local stores are using retractable banner stands instead of mannequins and other stand up signage. The retractable banners offer portability and versatility in placement. The ease in setting up the roll up banner stands is exceedingly short ( less than a minute ). The banner stand come in many sizes to meet your advertising needs. The banners can be as small as a 24×80 banner stand and all the way up to a 57×78 banner stand. But also there are large banner stands that can be used as well. These are the big 8×8 banner stands and 8×10 banner stands. You can adjust the height and length so to get that perfect snug fit.

Retail stores also like the retractable banner displays because in many cases they can repurpose the banner stands with a new graphic. So they do not have to buy the retractable banner stand hardware only the replacement sign.

Las Vegas Banner Holder Stands
Banner Holder Stand

Las Vegas Banner Holder Stands Are Full Color Signs

The Las Vegas banner holder signs are full color signs. So this means you can print as many colors as you like on the banner stand graphic. This includes the banner stand printing of images and pictures. By using vibrant and bright colors, you will make sure people take notice of your signs.


Las Vegas banner stands can be purchased form the local sign shops in Las Vegas. The sign shops near the Las Vegas Strip seem to be the most modern stores with modern sign making equipment.