Las Vegas Large Fabric Pop Up Displays

Large fabric pop up displays are the new popular display graphic at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas Nevada. Large fabric pop up displays can be seen by vendors for the rear of their booths. So that when clients walk by, they are easily identified in the background by their name and products. Large fabric displays have both advantages and disadvantages over traditional large background banners.

Why Do Large Fabric Pop Up Displays Work So well

Large fabric pop up displays are wrinkle free and look great in the back of your display booth. The fabric full color polyester material can be machined washed.  So that it always is fresh and new looking for every event. These fabric polyester pop ups can always be replaced. In case you want to change your marketing message because you have already purchased the structure that it fits over. The disadvantage is that the fabric material, if not taken care of. is subject to a tear , just alike a woman’s polyester dress. Once torn, it does not repair well and need to be replaced.

Large banners are much more rugged and can be full color like a polyester fabric pop up displays. The banners are subject to wrinkling if not cared for properly. ( meaning that the banner should be tightly rolled up after every use and not bent or folded) Banners are cheaper than a pop up display as they average about $5.00 a square foot and a large adjustable banner stand sells in Las Vegas for around $100.00, making them more economical than a $500 fabric pop up display. The $500 fabric pop up display comes in the popular 8ft and 10ft sizes and in different configurations, such as the straight, curved and wavy styles.

Las Vegas area sign store sell these trade show graphics at great prices.  Inquire at a local sign store and see how they can help your event.