Double Sided Retractable Banners

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Double sided retractable banners are gaining in popularity at trade shows and exhibitions in Las Vegas. Utilizing a double sided banner stand gives you the opportunity for your sign to be seen by more people. At the Las Vegas conventions and trade shows, first impressions matter immensely. When you’re setting up a display booth at a trade show, promoting an event or using your banner stand for retail display. Double sided retractable banner stands have emerged as versatile tools that can capture attention from multiple angles. So thus effectively conveying your marketing message much better than a traditional one sided banner display.

What Are Double Sided Retractable Banners ?

Double sided retractable banner stands are portable, eye-catching displays designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They consist of a metal base container with two printed banner panels. Which can be rolled up and retracted into the base for easy storage and transportation. What sets them apart from their single banner stands is their ability to convey messages to your audience from two different directions. So the attendees at en event can see them coming or going.

One of the advantages of Las Vegas double sided pull up banner stands is their exceptional visibility. Traditional banners are limited to a single display surface, which means you have to be approaching from the side the graphic display is being displayed So in contrast, double-sided banners ensure that your message is visible from all directions. So thus maximizing the chances of capturing your audience’s attention.

Double-sided banner stands allow you to print two different banner graphics. At a convention, many international people come to attend and participate. So if you have a large contingent of German people, you can print the banner in german for their benefit on one side. On the opposite side you can have the advertising in English. So you can also have two entirely different advertising displays on your Las Vegas banner stand. One side will contain certain products with a brief description and on the other side you can advertise different products. So this gives you maximum exposure of your different product lines.

Double Sided Retractable Banners
Retractable Banners

Las Vegas Banner Stands Are Not Expensive

Las Vegas banner stands start off at about $125.00 for a 33×78 and less than double that for a 2 sided pull up banner stand. The banner stands can be made rather quickly. Often, the businesses and vendors coming into Las Vegas will just simply have their banner stand signs made locally. So this saves a lot of money on expensive shipping costs. Plus it guarantees your signs will be ready when you arrive in Vegas.

Double-sided retractable banners are incredibly easy to set up. Setting them up takes just minutes, and they require minimal effort to transport. Their portability ensures that you can take your message wherever your event is. The pull up banner stands are self standing. Which means you can place them anywhere ars they require no support other than themselves. They can easily be moved around to find that perfect displaying spot.

The event venues like to use these pull up banner stands as well. Places like the Las Vegas Convention Center will use these signs as directional signage. They help guide people to the right locations and identify companies who are at the show. Since these vent venues are quite large ( LV Convention Center is over 3 million square feet ) directional signage is needed.


Double-sided retractable banners are very useful at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. These trade show signs are very popular and can be used many times. As the pull up banner stands come with a carrying case to make them easy to transport. So make your display booth look better with these great looking signs.