Cheapest Trade Show Banner Stands

Low cost backdrop banners Vegas

Cheapest trade show banner stands can get you cheap low cost banner stands.  But with high quality. Many times when people are traveling to Las Vegas for the trade shows.  They need retractable banner stands that are only going to be used 1 time and then discarded. So many people from overseas prefer to buy their display graphics in Las Vegas. Because of the cost of bringing them aboard airplanes or shipping them. The cost of shipping them sometimes exceeds the value of making the signs in Las Vegas !

But if you want a long lasting Las Vegas banner stand you can also buy them as well. The standard and premium models all come with a telescopic pole. But in many cases, the sign graphics can be replaced instead of having to buy a whole new retractable banner stand.

Cheapest Trade Show Banner Stands
Trade Show Banner Stands Las Vegas

Do Cheapest Trade Show Banner Stands in Vegas Come in Many Sizes ?

Banner stands Las Vegas come in many different sizes and prices. The most common size retractable banner stand for the trade shows is the 33″ x 78″ banner stand.  That sells for about $135 and comes with a full color print and carrying case. Of course, the banner stand comes with the deluxe feature of having an adjustable pole that allows for height adjustment. However, the banner stands come in many different sizes, from 24″ all the way to 60″ wide.  So all these banner stands have the adjustable pole for height adjustment. Banner stand hardware can also be sold separately if you just need an adjustable banner stand.

The trade shows are a hot commodity for retractable banner stands. There are hundreds of events and shows every year in Las Vegas at the various venues and the banner stand by far is the most popular display graphic. Partly because of the limited space it takes up ( the display booths are limited in size and footage is important) and partly because of the low cost of these display graphics.


Cheapest convention banner stands in Vegas can be designed and bought at local sign shops in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Many of these sign and banner  shops cater exclusively to the trade show and convention business and offer amenities such as delivery service and set up. But most of these sign shops are very close to the event venues. So fast pick up is easy.