Cheap Vegas Trade Show Displays

Low cost backdrop banners Vegas

Cheap Vegas Trade Show Displays are available for the many conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the KING of trade shows and conventions. More events and shows happen in Las Vegas than anywhere else. Las Vegas has so much to offer besides state of the art event venues. Las Vegas offers fine dining and great hotel accommodations. Vegas is also like an amusement park for adults. There is so much fun to be had here. Las Vegas is the number one destination for events and shows in the USA. Many retractable banner stands, poster board signs and banners Las Vegas are needed for these events.

So many Las Vegas signs and banners Vegas are needed for these events. Many of the hundreds of vendors and companies that come to Las Vegas prefer to have their trade show display signs made locally. So this way they save money on shipping and know that the signs and banners are waiting for them. So often trade show signs and convention signs get lost or damaged while being shipped to Vegas. It is just one less thing to worry about for your event. There is nothing worse than showing up in Vegas for your event and learning your signs did not.

Cheap Vegas Trade Show Displays
Cheap Vegas Trade Show Displays

Different Types of Cheap Las Vegas Trade Show Displays

The vendors and companies displaying at the trade shows love portable banner stands and portable backdrop displays. The retractable banner stands come in many sizes and are self standing. The sign graphics are full color and you can have pictures and images printed on them.

The trade show 8ft display signs are in big demand for the event centers. These portable and easy to set up sign displays come in straight and curved versions. Also popular is the convention 10ft backdrop displays in the straight or curved versions. Both sign displays are easy to set up. Also the fabric print can be purchased separately instead of the whole kit. This will save you money if you want to use multiple advertising displays.


Many companies will have their trade show signs and Las Vegas banners printed in advance. Then simply pick them up when they arrive. Delivery of your signs can also be arranged to your show facility or Las Vegas hotel.