Banner Stands Vegas For Conventions

Vegas pop up banner sign

Banner stands Vegas are very popular in Southern Nevada. Las Vegas has many trade shows and conventions that are held annually. These events number in the thousands and attract millions of people from all over the world to Vegas. These banner stands Las Vegas are very popular. The retractable banner stands can be placed anywhere as they are portable. The stands are self standing and require no additional support. So this allows them to be placed as a stand alone sign and anywhere you find a spot.

By walking though the convention venues will allow you to see many different versions of the stand up banners. All the banner graphics are full color. So pictures and logos can be printed on them in any color. Using vibrant colors and bold lettering will get your banner stands Las Vegas noticed by the attendees. Utilizing clear and crisp images will help promote your company services and company products.

Banner Stands Vegas
Banner Stand Las Vegas

There are Many Types of Banner Stands Vegas To Choose From.

So you have decided retractable banner stands are a good form of display signage to display at the convention venues. These convention banner stands come in many sizes. Also, the banner stand signs come in different heights. Las Vegas Large Banners sells the telescopic height adjustment pole. So this allows a multitude of heights to set your banner stand at. The widths of the stands range from around 2ft wide to around 5 ft wide. The banner stands Las Vegas come in economy and premium versions.

The most popular retractable banner stand is the 33×78 stand. This Las Vegas banner stand sells for under one hundred thirty five dollars and can be made fairly quickly. Also, it comes with a carrying case for easy transportation. The premium version of this model is a 33″ wide by 80″ tall stand. This has a wide chrome base and sells for $165.00.


Las Vegas retractable banner stands are just one type of signage used at conventions and trade shows. Foam core boards, Vegas vinyl banners and other types of signage are also popular. So choose what type of sign is best for your convention booth. But pick a Las Vegas sign company close to the Las Vegas strip. Because they can offer fast pick up and arrange for delivery of your signs and banners to the event venues.